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Crystal Palace

Local name: Palacio de Cristal

The Crystal Palace at the Retiro Park in Madrid was built in 1887 in connection with an exhibition presenting Spanish colonies around the world. He served then as the Philippine pavilion. Today you can admire the renovated structure made entirely of glass and steel. Contemporary art exhibitions are organized here. The building is the property of the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid.

The author of the palace design was the Spanish architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco. He was based on London's Crystal Palace in Hyde Park. Noteworthy are ceramic decorations, the work of Daniel Zuoaga. At the foot of the palace stretch the waters of an artificial lake with a fountain, surrounded by decorative bushes and trees.

The palace after the exhibition lost its importance and fell into ruin. It was reconstructed and expanded in the 1990s. He gained three additional glazed rooms, which today serve as an exhibition space.


Attractions inside

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