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Equestrian Statue of Carlos III

Local name: Estatua Ecuestre de Carlos III

The equestrian statue of King Charles III is probably on the most important of Madrid's squares - Puerta del Sol (the gate of the sun). Charles III was a fairly popular ruler. He pursued active foreign policy aimed at returning Spain to the group of major powers. He also reformed the functioning of Spanish colonies in South America. He was a philanthropist and philosopher, and because of the numerous modernizations he introduced in the capital, he was also called "the Lord of Madrid".

Near the statue of the king is also a twenty-ton statue of a bear climbing a strawberry tree - the symbol of Madrid. Most demonstrations and demonstrations take place on Puerta del Sol, as well as the annual New Year's Eve party for the city's residents. The square is considered the center of Madrid and even all of Spain. There is a so-called zero kilometer, i.e. the point from which distances are measured on the roads leaving the capital towards other Spanish cities.


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