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Apollo Fountain

Local name: Fuente de Apolo

There are 7 fountains on the Paseo del Prado pedestrian street in Madrid. One of them is the Fountain de Apollo standing a bit off the beaten track, and therefore less known. As the name suggests, it is decorated with a sculpture depicting the ancient god of beauty, patron of art and poetry, Apollo. Interestingly, the deity's face is a mapping of the features of Charles III, King of Spain of the Bourbon dynasty. Below the figures are four figures that are allegorical representations of the seasons.

Ventura Rodriguez was the architect of this unveiled monument in 1803. The construction of the fountain began in 1780 during the reign of Charles III. The author of the Apollo sculpture is Alfonso Giraldo Bergaz, while the images of the seasons are due to Manuel Alvarez. The very design of the creation of Paseo del Prado, i.e. a place for walks and relaxation, as well as the fountains located here, was initiated by King Charles III.


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