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Air Museum

Local name: Museo Del Aire

The Museum of Aviation and Astronautics, popularly called the Del Aire Museum, has collected antique machines of great historical value, including aerostats. The collection also includes the oldest Spanish plane Villanova Acedo and Breguet 19 GR called Jesus del Gran Poder, which crossed the Atlantic in 1929.

Guests will also see planes that have participated in many aerial battles, explore the interior of the DC-9 and Boeing 727 cabins and learn the secrets of parachuting. However, you can admire not only antique planes, but also aviator uniforms and visit the room dedicated to the greatest heroes of military aviation.

The museum is located a short distance from Madrid's Cuatro Vientos airport. The exhibition is located in 7 large hangars. You can use the services of a guide.


Attractions inside

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