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Quinta de Los Molinos Park

Local name: Parque Quinta De Los Molinos

The Quinta De Los Molinos Park covers an area of 25 hectares. Mostly it is a wooded area with olive trees, eucalyptus and fig trees. One of the biggest attractions, however, is the view of blooming almonds. There is a historic mill in the park.

The land on which the park is located was once owned by Count Torre Arias. According to sources, it was handed over to architect César Corta Boti in exchange for his commission.

Boti used the site to create a Mediterranean-style park. After his death, the park began to deteriorate, only in the 1980s, after it was taken over by the city, did it regain its former glory.

Almonds, which the park is famous for, grow from February to March. During the summer months, various cultural events are organized in the park, including outdoor concerts.


Attractions inside

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