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Bridge of Toledo

Local name: Puente de Toledo

The Toledo Bridge in Madrid was built in the eighteenth century on the initiative of King Philip IV. It was designed by the architect Pedro de Ribera in the style called churriguerism. The bridge connected the two banks of the Manzanares River. He was entered on the list of monuments.

Churriguerism, i.e. the style that was used when creating the project, is a Spanish version of Baroque. It combines the features of late Gothic and platter, referring to Moorish art. The elements of the Toledo bridge are very richly decorated, you can see characteristic intricate ornaments and floral motifs.

Earlier, two other bridges were erected here, both were built in the 17th century and both were destroyed during the floods. Currently, the bridge is intended only for pedestrians, for reasons of protection of its construction, traffic was banned.


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