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Lying in the south-east of Spain, Catalonia is a region with a huge diversity of landscape, and at the same time full of top-class monuments. You can find here both seaside resorts and mountainous areas in the Pyrenees, and among the cities the most important is Barcelona connected with Gaudi.

Despite the turmoil associated with the pursuit of independence, Catalonia is a tourist-friendly land that draws most of its income from this source. There is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, Costa Brava. Its main centers are Lloret del Mar and Tarragona, which in addition to beaches has also great monuments from the Roman period.

There are amusement parks in the province associated with leisure and vacation. The largest include Port Aventura, the Catalonia miniature park in Miniature, Marineland Catalunya, which is a combination of a water park and zoo, and the oldest Tibidabo park in Spain.

Barcelona itself is an extraordinary city in which Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture are intertwined. There is the largest accumulation of Antonio Gaudi's works, including the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila and Casa Batlo, and Park Guell.

East of Barcelona is Girona with a beautifully preserved Gothic old town and Figueres, which is the home of Salvator Dali. There is a museum of his works designed by the artist. In turn, in the suburbs of Barcelona you can visit one of the most famous Spanish sanctuaries Montserrat.

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