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Rambla de Mar

Local name: Rambla de Mar

Rambla de Mar is a wooden promenade that connects Port Autognom with Moll d'Espanya. It was designed by Helio Piñona and Albert Viaplan, it was put into public use in September 1994. There is a wide view of the harbor, Montjuïc Hill and the Columbus Column (Monument a Colom), you can also admire the monuments of the lower part of the Barri Gòtic.

The promenade was designed in a minimalist style, arches symbolizing sea waves were placed on the high columns. In addition to the pedestrian area, a place has been created for tourists to relax - benches and glass screens protecting against the wind have been set up.

In the central part of the platform there is a swing bridge, thanks to which it is possible to move small vessels, mainly yachts and sports boats. Near the pedestrian area you can visit many restaurants, pubs and clubs.


Attractions inside

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    Rambla de Mar Barcelona , Spain