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Barcelona Aquarium

Local name: Aquàrium de Barcelona

The Barcelona Aquarium is one of the largest such facilities in Europe. Located at the Port of Vel. Conditions in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Red seas were reproduced here. The biggest attractions of the oceanarium include the 80 meter tunnel through which one wanders into the surroundings of fish floating behind glass walls.

The aquarium was opened in 1995. It is a modern facility adapted to the exposure of marine flora from various climate zones. Visitors can observe various species of fish and sea animals. There are, among others, poisonous fish-stones, flat fish-guitars, powerful bull sharks and disgusting moon fish.

At the Aquarium, tourists can go underwater in the Mediterranean. The glass tunnel is surrounded by warm waters inhabited by thousands of fish and other creatures. There are Humboldt penguins in the separate pool. The Explora zone has been prepared for children! with educational games and activities.


Attractions inside

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