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Columbus Monument

Local name: Monumento a Colón

Columbus Column stands at the entrance to Barcelona Port, at the beginning of the famous La Rambla streets. It is a 52-meter round metal column crowned with a statue of the explorer of America. At its top there is a small viewing gallery from which you can admire the panorama of the port.
The column was built in 1888 for the World Exhibition, which then took place in Barcelona. She commemorated Column's discovery of America, specifically his return from the expedition. Barcelona was the port to which the expedition returned. The royal couple welcomed the explorer here.
The statue of Columbus is 7 meters high. The sailor has his arm raised and indicates the exit from the port. On the column and its pedestal, there are coats of arms of Catalonia, Aragon, Castile and Leon as well as figures of people who helped organize the expedition.

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