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Gaudi Palace

Local name: Palacio Güell

Guella Palace is one of the most famous works of Antonio Gaudi. It has been on the UNESCO list since 1984. It is the home of a wealthy industrialist on one of the streets departing from Rambli. It represents the Art Nouveau style, with Gaudi's fairy tale elements and structures taken from the world of plants.

Eusebio Gruell has been a patron of Gaudi for decades. He financed many of his works and employed him to work on construction projects he carried out. In 1884, Guell decided to build a new seat for his family. Unlike most of the wealthy families of the time, he located it not in the new Eixample district, but near the city's main pedestrian street, La Rambla.

Gaudi designed a house with strictly separated parts for different purposes. The ground floor and cellars served as stables. Strange shaped columns standing here resembled an underground kingdom. Horses were tied to a sculpture of unicorns. Above there was a representative part, with a suspended, glazed loggia, and rooms for the family on the highest floor. All this is decorated with Gaudi-specific floral motifs. The culmination of the building is a roof with over 20 chimneys lined with mosaic.


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