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Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

Local name: Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi

Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi (Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine) in Barcelona is a temple from the fourteenth century, built in the style of Catalan Gothic. The main motif decorating its interior, referring to the name is pine. The most valuable monuments include the 15th-century octagonal belfry with 6 bells and a 3-meter figure of the Virgin Mary.

The oldest bell on the 54-meter tower is Andreua, dating from the second half of the 17th century. A fire survived in the building during the Spanish Civil War. The original rosette above the entrance to the temple was then completely destroyed, today's ornament dates from the 1940s.

According to the records, the name of the temple is derived from the image of Mary, which was discovered on a pine tree planted in front of the main entrance. Another name for the basilica (Basílica de Santa Maria de los Reyes) refers to the burnt altar, depicting "Adoration of the Kings".


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