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Park Mirador del Poble Sec

Local name: Park Mirador del Poble Sec

Mirador del Poble Sec is one of the parks located on the eastern slopes of Montuic. Mediterranean vegetation arranged in terraces grows here. It is crossed by wide, sand-covered and fine gravel paths. Enclosed canals with flowing water run along the paths.

Mirador Park was created at the turn of the century. Earlier, areas on the slopes of Monjuic were used as fruit orchards and private gardens. The park offers nice views of the port and the surroundings of Rambli and Columbus Columbus. From the sea side, the vegetation is low, shrubby. The trees were placed on a slope so that they did not obstruct the view. By the paths there are stone benches, where you can relax during a walk.


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    Paseo de Montjuïc 2808005 Barcelona , Spain