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Museum of History of Catalonia

Local name: Museo de Historia de Cataluña

The Museum of the History of Catalonia (Museu d'Historia de Catalunya) shows the history of the region from the Lower Paleolithic period to modern times. An interesting feature is the bas-relief depicting a map of Catalonia located under a glass floor. On the fourth floor of the building you can visit the viewpoint.

The museum is located in the 19th-century Palau de Mar, a former port warehouse, a monument of industrial architecture. The permanent exhibition has been divided into 7 parts. Visitors will learn about the history of the first Catalan sea expeditions, the impact of the invention of steam engines and electricity on the development of industry, as well as a portrait of today's Catalonia.

The museum collection is extremely rich, visitors will certainly be interested in colorful, hand-painted Catalan ceramic tiles and an antique flag from the 18th century. The museum hosts numerous temporary exhibitions.


Attractions inside

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Plaça de Pau Vila 308003 Barcelona , Spain