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Picasso Museum

Local name: Museu Picasso

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is one of the largest collections of the artist's works in the world. He presents the evolution of his work from youthful images created in school days to images created just before his death. The largest compact series of collections are Maidens Court interpreting Velasquez's works.

The museum was founded in 1963, during Picasso's lifetime. The institution's initiator was a friend of the artist, Jaume Sabertas. After his death, Picasso donated about 1,000 of his works to the museum. There are both paintings and sketches as well as hand-decorated ceramics, which the artist was creating after the Second World War.

The exhibition is arranged chronologically. It shows the changes that Picasso's work underwent, from realism and historicism to the best-known geometric and deconstructed paintings. The museum has in its collection the series of 44 paintings Maidens Court. A special presentation shows how Velasquez's work was interpreted and recreated by Picasso.


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