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Federico Marés Museum

Local name: Museo Federico Marés

The Federica Maresa Museum is one of the largest sculpture museums in Spain. He has in his collection sculptures from the period from the 4th to 5th century AD to the 19th century. There are both religious and secular works here. In addition, one of the museum's sections is devoted to the life of the Barcelona bourgeoisie at the turn of the century.

Federic Mares was a Spanish sculptor. He designed and performed primarily monumental works commissioned by the city. He spent most of the money he earned on creating a private collection of sculptures and objects depicting the Barcelona middle class lifestyle.

Mares has been presenting his works since World War II. In the will he wrote them to Barcelona. Its collection occupies the building of the former headquarters of the Inquisition, near Barcelona Cathedral. It is presented in chronological order. Romanesque and Gothic sculptures on the ground floor, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism and Modernism on the upper floors. The most valuable elements of the collection include Romanesque crucifixes and statues of the Virgin Mary. A separate room was dedicated to the second part of the Mares collection - outfits, everyday objects, jewelry, small personal items belonging to the wealthy middle class at the turn of the century were presented.


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