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Saló del Tinell

Local name: Saló del Tinell

The Barcelona History Museum is an institution comprising fifteen branches spread around the city. It shows over 2,000 years of its history, from Roman times to the present day. It includes Roman excavations, medieval monasteries, monuments of the Jewish quarter, as well as memorabilia from the Spanish Civil War.

The museum is called MUHBA for short, from its local official name. Its head office is located in Barri Gotic, at King's Square. For tourists, the effects of archaeologists researching the monuments of Roman Barcino have been made available here. Underground, you can see the foundations of houses, dishes, jewelry, street fragments and temples.

The excavation area is connected to the Gothic chapel of Saint Agnieszka and the King's Palace, where you can see the room in which Christopher Columbus told King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella that he had discovered a new land. Also collected here are maps, documents and everyday objects from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.


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