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Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

Local name: Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar

The Basilica of Maria Maritime is a powerful, Gothic church located in the district of La Ribera. It is a symmetrical and harmoniously built, three-nave building with a polygonal tower. Its unadorned interior is divided by rows of slender pillars.

The main body of the temple is surrounded by a wreath of chapels dedicated to various features operating in Barcelona. The church was built in the fourteenth century. In contrast to the cathedral of Saint Eulalia, he was considered the church where the people came. It was the temple of burghers, merchants, craftsmen and people of the sea. This can be seen in the decorative elements of the facade depicting the work of sailors and fishermen, and in the founders of the chapels surrounding the church.

The basilica consists of three naves. The middle one is twice as wide as the aisles, thanks to which the building looks very harmonious. The facade is decorated with figures of saints Peter and Paul and a tympanum with a sculpture of Christ sitting on the throne.


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    Plaça de Santa Maria 108003 Barcelona , Spain