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Wax Museum

Local name: Museo de Cera

The Cera Wax Museum is housed in the eclectic palace of the former Barcelona Bank on the Rambla pedestrian street. There are about 360 life-size figures made of wax. They depict characters known from history, culture or sport, as well as heroes of books and films.

The building of the Bank of Barcelona was built in 1864. It is a combination of several architectural styles. Currently, renovated, it serves exhibition purposes. The Museum collection is thematically divided. There are mainly figures of history, politics and culture associated with Barcelona and Catalonia. In addition to them, you can see people of world renown. The collection is complemented by characters from movies, cartoons, comics and books.

In addition to the exhibition itself, the Palace also has a chamber of fear, where staging of medieval torture takes place. The museum also conducts cultural activities, making its recital room available for concerts and performances.


Attractions inside

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