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Mirador de l'Alcalde Garden

Local name: Jardines del Mirador de l'Alcalde

Jardins del Mirador are gardens located on the eastern slope of Montjuïc Hill in Barcelona. They were designed in the form of terraces located on different levels. Tourist attractions are: an unusual mosaic pavement designed by Joan Josep Tharrats and Vidal and the sculpture "Tribute to Barcelona" by Josep Maria Subirachs.

The mosaic pavement has been entered in the Catalog of the City Artistic Heritage (Catálogo del Patrimonio Artístico Municipal). It was made of pieces of bricks, tiles, glass, concrete and iron.

On the highest terrace there is a pond with a beautiful fountain, from which water in the form of a cascade flows down to lower levels. The fountain design was created by Carles Buïgas, author of the famous Magic Fountain at the foot of Montjuïc Hill.

From the highest point of the park, tourists can admire the view of Barcelona's port. Many exotic species of trees grow in the gardens, including Canary Date, Washington and Palm Trees.


Attractions inside

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