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Montjuic Castle

Local name: Castell de Montjuïc

Monjuic Castle is located on top of the hill of the same name. It is a bastion fortress with preserved in very good condition walls and buildings within them. The castle offers one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona.

Monjuic is one of the few hills in Barcelona. It rises above the port and falls to one side with a vertical wall. This made the place very good for defense. In 1640, the King of Spain ordered the construction of a castle here. It was expanded in the second half of the 19th century. The castle was very bad in the minds of the Catalans. One of the leaders of the Lluis Companys libertarian movement died here. Spanish soldiers also fired here at the Catalans demonstrating in the city.

Currently, the castle is used primarily as a viewpoint. A military exhibition was placed in one of the buildings. One of the popular ideas for using this place is to create a Peace Center and a Memorial Space here.


Attractions inside

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