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Girona Cathedral

Local name: Catedral de Girona

The Cathedral of Girona is located on a slope and is an undeniable showcase of the city. The colossal temple has the largest Gothic nave in the world with a span of nearly 23 meters. Its shape impresses with Romanesque cloisters and a monumental baroque facade. The rich interior of the cathedral is decorated with an amazing 11th-century white marble altar. The temple's symbol is a huge Rococo staircase.

Originally, the church housed in this place, which in the first half VIII century was transformed into a mosque. In the 10th century Charlemagne recaptured the city from Islamists, and the temple was consecrated again. The initiative to build a new building was the slow destruction of the building. The cathedral was built over seven centuries, and its construction began in the eleventh century.

The chapter house of the church houses the Cathedral Museum, which collects works of art and amazing exhibits from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The pearl of the collection is a masterpiece of Romanism - the 11th century tapestry 'Creation of the World'.

Girona Cathedral map
Plaça de la Catedral s/n17004 Girona , Spain