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Stone bridge

Local name: Pont de Pedra

Pont de Pedra is a bridge connecting the medieval Old Town with the rest of the city. The facility was built in the second half. XIX century during the reign of Queen Isabella II of Spain. It is the only bridge made entirely of stone in the city and is an undeniable business card of Girona. The characteristic feature of the building are lanterns, which in the evenings give a romantic atmosphere and encourage for walks. From the bridge there is a beautiful view of the canal and tenement houses on the river Onyar.

The bridge was a fragment of the road from Madrid to France and initially bore the name of the then ruler. The author of the design was the German engineer Constantí, and the unusual building was erected on the site of the 14th century San Francisco bridge. The building was erected for nearly 10 years, and Spanish architect Josep Maria Faquinetto was responsible for its completion.

Pont de Pedra is the only bridge in Girona that is not only accessible to pedestrians. You can ride it on a bicycle, but other means of transport are prohibited.


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