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Gardens of Mosén Costa Llobera

Local name: Jardines de Mosén Costa Llobera

The Mossen Costa and Llobera gardens are located on the slopes of Montjuic. It is a park dedicated to desert and steppe plants. There is the largest collection of cacti, succulents and other plants found in arid areas in the city.

The garden was founded in 1970. It took its name from the name of the Majorca writer Mossen Costa and Llobe. It is a themed garden, whose vegetation is characteristic of the subtropical zone. The place where it was founded has a specific microclimate and average temperatures are about 2 degrees higher than in other parts of Barcelona.

About 800 cacti and succulents grow in the garden, divided by the continents on which they occur. There are also numerous trees characteristic of the Mediterranean climate zone.


Attractions inside

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