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Parc de Cervantes

Local name: Parc de Cervantes

Parc de Cervantes (Park Cervantes) in Barcelona's Pedralbes district is a vast garden with over 10,000 rose bushes. Guests can admire interesting sculptures here, incl. modern aluminum structure "Rombos gemelos". There are also recreational areas in the park suitable for jogging and cycling.

The breeding of roses includes about 240 different varieties, including climbing roses that grow on the pergolas around the alleys. One of the most famous specimens of Cerventes Park is Rosa multiflora Watsoniana, called "Solidarity with Japan" in memory of the victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The sculpture "Rombos gemelos" ("Twin diamonds") is an example of constructivism, it was designed by the Spanish artist Andreu Alfaro. There is also a commemorative plaque "Barcelona de Cervantes" made of stone from Montjuïc Hill. It was written on the 400th anniversary of the publication of the novel "Przemyślny nobleman Don Quixote of Mancha".


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