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Camp Nou Stadium

Local name: Estadio Camp Nou

Camp Nou is one of the most famous and largest stadiums in the world. Its host is the FC Barcelona sports club, which is the city's showcase. The facility can seat almost 100,000 spectators. It is an oval, concrete structure, the size of which can be estimated only when you are in the stands or turf.

The stadium was built in the mid-1950s. From that moment it was modernized many times. The first team with which FC Barcelona played the match at Camp Nou was the Polish national team, known as Warsaw. Matches at the 1992 Olympic Games were also played here. In 1982, John Paul II celebrated a mass here attended by 120,000 people.

Camp Nou is a stadium-symbol. Considered by many to be the temple of football. It is open to the public as part of the Barcelona Experience route. During it, you can enter the stands, commentator's stands, turf and cloakrooms, see how the press center works and learn about the history of FC Barcelona in a modern museum.


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