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Joan Miró Park

Local name: Parque de Joan Miró

Joan Miro Park is located near the Plaza de Espana. It is a five-hectare green area with wide walking paths, benches set in the shade of trees, and extensive lawns. Its most characteristic element is the 22-meter, colorful sculpture Woman and Bird, the last work by Miro.

The park was built on the grounds of the former municipal slaughterhouse and therefore is also often called Parc l'Escorxador (which in Catalan means just a slaughterhouse). It was opened in 1983. He was a tribute paid by the city to one of his most outstanding contemporary artists.

The park will give the opportunity to break away from the crowded city streets. Hence its wide avenues, resting places and lawns. Palm trees and trees characteristic of the Mediterranean climate zone grow here. Modern sculpture dominates over vegetation. A woman and a bird. Joan Miro graduated a few months before his death and gave it to the city. The high sculpture with streamlined shapes is covered with colorful ceramic fragments. This is a technique characteristic of the facilities in Barcelona and is called trencadis.


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