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Bellesguard Antoni Gaudí

Local name: Bellesguard Antoni Gaudí

Torre Bellesguard is one of the few works of Gaudi inspired by neo-Gothic. The residence, referring in form to a medieval castle, but with a modernist interior, stands on the slopes of Conseroll Hill. It is distinguished by intricate stonework and a high tower crowned with a cross from the crown of the kings of Aragon and Catalonia.

Gaudi worked on Torre Bellesguard from 1900 to 1909. At that time, he was fascinated by the neo-Gothic style, although at the same time he created in the most recognizable Art Nouveau style. The house stood on the ruins of the medieval castle of the counts of Barcelona. This was the basis for historical references in the building.

The name of the building means "Beautiful view" in free translation. It refers not only to its appearance, but also to the view from the terraces. The house itself, which is continuously in private hands, has been open to visitors only since 2013. It is a rectangular building with a tower topped with a cross. Decorative elements and small garden architecture are covered with mosaics characteristic of Gaudi, while in the windows you can see Art Nouveau stained glass.


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