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Casa Vicens

Local name: Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens is one of Gaudi's early realizations located in the Eixample district. The house was created using elements of historical styles characteristic of Catalonia. Moorish influences are particularly visible here. The facade of the building is decorated with colorful mosaic, while the whole composition repeats floral motifs.

The residential house for the family of the brick and tile manufacturer Manuel Vicens was designed by Antonio Gaudi in 1883. Construction lasted for five consecutive years. A building with three facades was built, with Naomaretan towers and decorative details. The whole was covered with a mosaic characteristic of Gaudi's works, which made the building look like a palace from a thousand and one night's tales.

Casa Vicens is currently in private hands. It can only be seen from the outside, from behind the fence, which is also a work of art in itself. They are decorated with forged palm leaves. This is the result of Gaudi's fascination with the plant world and its structures. The building is inscribed on the UNESCO list.


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