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The Dragon Staircase

Local name: La Escalinata del Dragón

Located inside: Park Güell

The twin stairs (Escalinata), called dragon stairs, lead to the most important attractions of Park Güell in Barcelona. They are located opposite the main gate. They were designed by Antoni Gaudi. Their most recognizable element is a large salamander covered entirely in colorful mosaic.

The stairs were divided into three parts. On the platforms between them, there are characteristic objects: a bench in the shape of a grotto, a serpent's head that grows out of the Catalan flag and the symbol of the place, i.e. a mosaic salamander.

The lizard acts as a fountain, is the park's most recognizable decorative element, every tourist arriving here takes a picture in her company. The stairs are surrounded by colorful walls, they lead to the Hall of One Hundred Columns (Hipostila).


Attractions inside

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