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Gaudi House Museum

Local name: Casa Museo Gaudí

Located inside: Park Güell

Casa-Museo Gaudí is located in the Park Güell in Barcelona. This is the former residence of Antoni Gaudi. Today, tourists can see a collection of furniture and unusual objects created by the architect and his colleagues, as well as the artist's personal belongings.

Among the exhibits gathered in the museum, furniture by Gaudi designed for Casa Batlló, Casa Calvet, Casa Milà and Casa Vicens can be distinguished. These include original benches and cabinets.

The building consists of four floors. The ground floor and first floor are open to visitors, tourists can see, among others bedroom and study room. Sculptures, drawings and paintings of Gaudi's closest associates were exhibited in other rooms on these floors. The second floor is occupied by the library.

Gaudí lived in a building with a characteristic pink facade for almost 20 years (in 1906 - 1925). A few months before his death, he moved to a studio in the Sagrada Familia.


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