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Terrace of the Park Güell

Local name: Terrassa del Parc Güell

Located inside: Park Güell

Teatre Grec is an amphitheater located on the Montjuïc hill in Barcelona. It was built in 1929 for the International World Exhibition. Today, summer festivals are organized here, the El Grec Festival de Barcelona is one of the most popular (it has been taking place since 1976).

El Grec Festival de Barcelona is an international event during which you can see performances by theater, dance and circus groups from around the world.

The Greek theater in Montjuïc was designed by Catalan architects Ramon Reventós and Nicolau Maria Rubió i Tudurí. When creating the project, they were inspired by the theater in Epidaurus, an ancient building from the 4th century BC

The Barcelona amphitheater was built in an old quarry, one of the steep slopes today serves as the backdrop for the stage. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens designed by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier.


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