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Parc de la Ciutadella

Local name: Parc de la Ciutadella

The Citadel Park is the oldest park in Barcelona. It is considered the most beautiful of its kind in the whole city. On its territory there are numerous attractions around which grow beautiful plants. There is, among others, a large triumphal arch, a zoo, a museum of geology or zoology, as well as the impressive Cascada fountain and a lake where you can go boating.

The triumphal arch serves as the main gate of the park. The thirty-meter building was the only one in the world that was not built for military reasons but for art. It was created on the occasion of the world exhibition, and on its front there was an inscription: Barcelona welcomes nations.

An unusual attraction of the park is the zoo. Some time ago, it gained popularity thanks to an albino gorilla named Snowflake. Unfortunately, the animal died in 2003. Currently, the main attraction of the zoo are dolphin shows.

A beautiful conservatory has been prepared for lovers of exotic plant species. Particularly noteworthy is the fountain decorated with the statue of Venus. Interestingly, Gaudi himself, who was an architectural student at the time, took part in creating the project. Around the fountain there are various fairs, exhibitions, fairs and concerts.

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