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Castle of the Three Dragons

Local name: Castillo de los Tres Dragones

Located inside: Parc de la Ciutadella

Castell dels Tres Dragons (Barcelona Castle of Three Dragons) in Barcelona is a building in the modernist style erected in the image of the royal castle. It was created in the 1880s in connection with the World Exhibition. The facade is an imitation of defensive walls with flanks and watchtowers. It is decorated with ceramic shields.

The author of the building design was the architect Lluis Domenech and Montaner. Many Catalan artists and craftsmen worked on decorative elements, including Alexandre de Riquer.

An important element of the building's decor were stained glass windows created by Antoni Rigalt and Blanch. However, they have not survived to this day, they were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

The name of the building was probably taken from a theater play by Frederic Soler. Initially there was a restaurant here, after the exhibition the castle was deserted. From 1920 it was the seat of the Zoology Museum.


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