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number 57 in the city

Casa de les Punxes

Local name: Casa de les Punxes

Casa de les Punxes, which can be translated as Barbed House is an Art Nouveau building standing in the Eixample district. His architect, Josep Puig and Cadafalch combined elements of Scandinavian Gothic, plateresco style decorations and Art Nouveau furnishings.

The house was built in 1905 for the Terrades sisters. Its name comes from the pointed ends of five towers. The building has an unusual triangle plan. It was made of brick with intricate stone decorations of windows and balconies.

The building looks like a fairy-tale castle. Although from the outside it refers primarily to the Scandinavian style of defensive buildings, inside it has a typical Art Nouveau design. There are staircases with handrails bent in the shape of vegetable stems, stained glass, windows with rounded ends. All the elements used harmonize well and make the house, despite the accumulation of details, very harmonious.


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