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number 37 in the city

Amatller House Museum

Local name: Casa Museu Amatller

Casa Amatller is a modernist building on the main street of the Eixample district. It was built using elements of the neo-Gothic style and Dutch Gothic. It is decorated with intricate, Art Nouveau mosaics and beautiful stonework.

Casa Amatller belongs to the buildings that are part of the so-called 'Apples of Discord'. These are three modernist tenement houses built by three outstanding architects of this period for three well-known families of Barcelona industrialists. Their common name refers to the competition they had with each other.

Casa Amatller was designed by Josep Puig and Cadafalch. The base here was the building standing since 1875. It has been rebuilt. Cadafalch used solutions known from medieval Germany and the Netherlands. The stepped gable of the building stands out above all. However, its finish was modernist. The entire facade is covered with a ceramic mosaic with geometric and floral ornaments.


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