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Plaza de Catalunya

Local name: Plaça de Catalunya

Catalan Square is a large square, about 50,000 m2, located in the center of Barcelona. It is an important transport hub and a place where the Barri Gòtic, Raval, Ciutat Vella and Eixample meet. Around the square there are hotels, elegant shops and headquarters of various companies and institutions. There are avant-garde sculptures from the beginning of the 20th century in Catalan Square, and there is also a historic cafe nearby, Cafe Zurich, known for the brother of the Belgian queen Fabiola who worked as a pianist.

The square was created in the nineteenth century after the general reconstruction of the city. Surrounding the square with buildings began in 1902, and in 1929 a metro line was built under Catalonia Square for the first time. The director of this work was Francisco Nebot. Today, under the surface, public transport goes almost constantly, while the interiors of the metro station and Ferroviarils de la Generalitat are covered with an interesting mosaic decoration.


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