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Palace of Catalan Music

Local name: Palace of Catalan Music

The Palace of Catalan Music is one of the most important monuments of the Catalan Art Nouveau, and also the only modernist building inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is a special place of Barcelona's musical life, where symphonic music, jazz as well as light music and Cançó are presented.

The palace designed by Lluis Domènech and Montaner was built between the 20th century. The richly decorated facade, the use of red brick and iron, and stained glass windows combine the styles of traditional Spanish and Arabic architecture. Above the multi-colored colonnades decorating the front entrance to the palace are the busts of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrin, Jan Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner.

The concert hall of the Palace of Catalan Music seats about 2,200 people and is the only auditorium in Europe illuminated during the day with only natural light. The walls on both sides are built mainly of stained glass panes, connected by magnificent arches. At the top is a huge stained glass skylight, whose center point is an inverted dome in shades of gold, surrounded by blue.


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