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Font de Canaletes

Local name: Font de Canaletes

Font de Canaletes is a historic 19th-century water intake located in the historic part of Barcelona - on the pedestrian La Rambla. The iron fountain was topped with a low pole with four lamps. At the bottom of the structure there is a small source for dogs.

According to legend, people who drink water from this urban spring will definitely return to Barcelona in the future - this information can be read on a plate placed on the fountain.

The square around the source of Canaletes acts as a meeting place for fans of the FC Barcelona sports club. It is here where the fans of the team come in to celebrate all the victories of their idols.

There is also a well-known Catalan saying that is associated with the fountain - if we tell someone that "drinks water from Canaletes", we will call him a native Barcelona native.


Attractions inside

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    Rambla de Canaletes 08002 Barcelona , Spain