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La Seu Vella

Local name: La Seu Vella

The Old Cathedral sits on top of Lleida Hill and is the undeniable symbol and landmark of the city. The construction of the temple lasted nearly 250 years, and its history dates back to the early 13th century. The facility has been recognized as a national monument. The church is a masterpiece of the late Romanesque style. The interior of the cathedral is decorated with unique frescoes and phenomenal sculptures. The landmark of the facility is a soaring bell tower, 70 meters high, announcing the upcoming Gothic trend in sacred architecture.

In 1707, the city was captured by King Philip V of Spain, who ordered the destruction of the cathedral. His order was not carried out, but the temple was partially looted and turned into barracks. Only in the first half of In the 1980s, the cathedral was restored to its original function and its renovation began.

The heart of the phenomenal belfry are two medieval clocks: 'Mónica' indicates the quarters of an hour and 'Silvestra' the hours.


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