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Abbey of Montserrat

Local name: Abadia de Montserrat

The Abbey of the Mother of God in Montserrat is inhabited by Benedictine brothers. It is particularly known for the miraculous statue of Our Lady of La Moreneta, which dates from the 12th century. At their feet, the faithful lit candles for hundreds of years as a votive offering. Hence the figure has a characteristic black color coming from smoke. This is the second most visited pilgrimage site in Spain. The monastery is located in the mountain massif, which is the highest point in Catalonia.

The abbey has an active monastery with buildings and gardens, a basilica and a museum. Museo de Montserrat presents art collections from the Catalonia region, a rich collection of paintings, and antique books and manuscripts. The most valuable exhibits include paintings by El Greco, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Monet and Caravaggio.

The monastery was founded in the tenth century in place of local Marian cult. It underwent reconstruction in the 12th century. It was thoroughly destroyed during the Napoleonic wars. The building was rebuilt in the nineteenth century, in this shape has been preserved to the present day.

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