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Historic Botanical Garden

Local name: Jardín Botánico Histórico

Jardí Botànic Històric (Historic Botanical Garden) on the Montjuïc Hill in Barcelona gathered plant specimens from around the world. Here you can see species characteristic of Catalonia, a collection of plants from the Balearic and Pyrenees, as well as various medicinal herbs.

The garden is surrounded by high and steep slopes that cast shade and protect plants from excessive sunlight. Because the temperature here is a few degrees lower than the temperature in other parts of the hill, it is possible to breed species from a cooler climate.

The tallest trees in the city grow in the garden, including ash. For years, employees have been dealing with the protection and recovery of endangered species, e.g. from the areas of Menorca.

The garden was created in 1930, its founder was the botanist Pius Font í Quer. He used the area of the former Foixard quarries.


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