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Gaudí Square

Local name: Plaza de Gaudí

Plaça de Gaudí, or Gaudi Square in Barcelona, is located in the central district of the city - Eixample. Its biggest attraction is the view of the facade of the Sagrada Familia. Tourists can also see here a historic monument commemorating the creator of the square design - Nicolaua Rubió and Tudurí.

The body of the cathedral is reflected in the waters of the pond, which was created in the central point of Gaudi Square. Tourist benches and fountains with drinking water were placed along the alleys. Here you can use the petanque track, a playground for children, a bar offering drinks and traditional Spanish snacks.

On weekends, there are handicrafts markets where you can buy original souvenirs from Barcelona. There are often various cultural events, e.g. concerts by popular casters in Catalonia.


Attractions inside

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