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Joan Brossa Gardens

Local name: Jardins de Joan Brossa

Barcelona's Joan Bross Gardens are located in the former Montjuïc theme park. Currently, it is a vast, green space arranged in the style of a Mediterranean landscaped garden. Cypresses, cedars, pines, olive trees and palm trees grow here. From here you can admire the picturesque panorama of almost all of Barcelona.

There are many benches along the well-kept alleys. For children there is a playground with swings, slides and carousels, and for sports enthusiasts zip-lines. In the immediate vicinity of the gardens there is an esplanade with bars and picnic tables.

The gardens are named after Joan Brossa, Catalan avant-garde poet, playwright and artist. At the entrance there is a plaque devoted to him with a poem engraved on it.


Attractions inside

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    Carretera de Montjuïc 3708038 Barcelona , Spain