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Switzerland is famous for its beautiful cities, breathtaking views and service at the highest level. The most important advantages of the country are alpine landscapes, the possibility of summer and winter sports and mountain resorts with traditional buildings. The country includes three European cultural regions: German, French and Italian, which cultivate different lifestyles.

The capital of Switzerland is the intimate Bern, in which the medieval old town has been preserved in excellent condition. It has been inscribed on the UNESCO list. However, it is not the most famous city in the country. Beats them beautifully located Geneva, the seat of numerous international organizations, including the Red Cross. The attraction of the city is primarily Lake Geneva and numerous museums.

Lake Geneva is also an attraction in itself. On its shores there are bathing areas with a view of the Alps, tourists can also take cruises and a wide range of water sports. An interesting monument located right on the waters of the lake is the Chillon castle in Montreaux.

Occupying a large part of Switzerland, the Alps are the destination of both summer and winter trips of tourists from around the world. The most famous peak in the country is the Matterhorn rising above the town of Zermatt. Although he himself is primarily a goal for climbers, there are also hiking trails nearby, from which you can admire mountain panoramas. The Jungfrau-Aletsch region is also a great place for hiking, with the massive Alpine glacier and the Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch peaks above it.

Switzerland is also a paradise for skiing enthusiasts. The most famous winter sports centers are Zermatt and St. Moritz, which connects one of the most beautiful rail lines in the world - Galciar Express.

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