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Bern Minster

Local name: Berner Münster

St. Berne's Cathedral St. Vincent of Zaragoza is the largest church in the city as well as all of Switzerland. Construction in the Gothic style began in 1412, on the initiative of the city of Bern and the Teutonic Order. The temple complex has 12 chapels, a hundred-meter tower and 9 bells with the heaviest weighing 10 tonnes. The Swiss Reformed Cathedral is located in the Berne Old Town.

The main architect of the three-nave basilica was Matthäus Ensinger, who built the church from sandstone. The main portal, which has become known all over the world for its decorating figures depicting scenes of the Last Judgment. The windows feature stained glass windows in the late Gothic style, measuring 12 meters. The Berne cathedral also has organs from 1726. The cathedral has a viewing platform, which can be reached by elevator.

The cathedral has become a hallmark of Bern and is a symbol for residents like the Eiffel Tower for Parisians. It is worth visiting the Swiss monument of great historical and cultural significance.



Bern Minster map
Münsterplatz 13000 Bern, Switzerland