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#5  Bern

Old Town

Local name: Altstadt

The old city of Bern in Switzerland, founded in 1191, is a medieval city center, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. The layout of the old town has remained almost unchanged, thanks to which the city has a real medieval character. The center is located on a narrow hill and is surrounded on three sides by the Aare River. The Old Town of Bern has the highest cathedral in the country, churches, bridges and a Renaissance fountain collection.

The Old Town of Bern is a place where modernity goes hand in hand with the medieval tradition of the city. In Marktgasse and Kramgasse districts of high touristic interest, visitors can admire several fountains from the 16th century. The most popular of them is the Giant's Fountain with the figure of a giant eating little children. Famous fountains are scattered throughout the city.

The most important monuments of the medieval city of Bern include the clock tower from 1530, the Nydegg Church, the parliament building and a 6-kilometer covered shopping promenade full of modern domestic and foreign brands. The road is considered the longest covered alley in Europe and the hallmark of the Berne old town.