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Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland recognized as its financial capital. There are headquarters of banks, stock exchanges and brokerage houses. Picturesquely located on Lake Zurich, the city is famous for its nightclubs, delicious chocolates and one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe.

Although Bern officially functions as the Swiss capital, Zurich plays a very important role in the country. Here, the headquarters of the most important financial institutions, which for centuries have ensured the country's prosperity, gather here. To this day, a large part of the population is employed in the financial sector, which translates into the rhythm of the city's life and its atmosphere. On the streets it is easier to see a person in a jacket and tie than in a T-shirt, and at lunchtime in restaurants you can hardly see any other outfits than the official "white collars". In the evenings, however, Zurich changes its face and becomes a city of entertainment. There is the largest number of night clubs in Switzerland here, and the residents are also eager to relax on the promenade that surrounds the lake and over 30 city bathing areas.

The center of Zurich is a picturesque Old Town with white church towers and tenement houses standing at streets crossing at a right angle. They contain restaurants, cafes and confectioneries, of which Cafe Spriungli is one of the most famous, producing its own pralines with a unique taste and appearance. Within the Old Town there is also the Bahnhofstrasse rebuilt in the nineteenth century, which houses exclusive boutiques of the world's largest producers and jewelry stores.

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  • Zurich Zoo
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    Zurich Zoo

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  • Masoala hall
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    Masoala hall

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  • Arboretum
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  • Zürichhorn
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  • Rieter Park
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    Rieter Park

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