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Flower Island Mainau

Local name: Blumeninsel Mainau

This German island is known for its gardens. For this reason, it is called the Island of Flowers. It has a warm microclimate conducive to the development of exotic plants. Tourists have at their disposal, among others, the Butterfly House, the Arboretum, the Baroque castle and other historic buildings, the Italian Gardens and the roof garden.

The property has approximately 50 areas offering various attractions. You can find here, above all, many types of gardens such as Italian with classic roses, sculptures and fountains. Visitors can also see monuments, sculptures and monumental buildings - the sculpture of Sier Jacobs, rhododendrons or the Bagnato Guardhouse from the 19th century are just some of them. In addition, the property offers the opportunity to get to know the small fauna in the Butterfly House. There are more than 120 species of these insects here, including moths with a wingspan of 30 cm.

In the park you can also find an educational playground for children, divided into "World of water" with rope structures and bridges and "Dwarven Village".

Flower Island Mainau map
78465 Konstanz , Germany