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Konstanz is located on the shores of Lake Constance, just off the Swiss border. It has very well preserved old buildings and the fame of the city where one of the most important councils in the history of the church took place. Its biggest attraction is the Flower Island.

The city was founded in Roman times and because of its location quickly became an important commercial and administrative center. The peak of its importance fell on the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. In 1414, a council gathered here, which was to deliberate on the reunification of the church. Jan Hus, a Czech religious reformer who was promised immunity, was invited to him. The promise was not fulfilled and Hus burned at the stake. At the end of the council, Pope Martin V was also elected, which is considered the end of the Western schism.

Today, the events associated with the Council remind the Jan Hus Museum and the Gothic Konzilgebäude building erected for the conclave. In the Old Town you can also see well-preserved Gothic and Baroque tenement houses and many churches, including the Gothic church of St. Szczepana and the church of the Holy Trinity from the 13th century.

The main attraction of Konstanz is the Flower Island of Mainau. In addition to the Mainau Castle, where you can see the Baroque castle chapel, there are about 50 gardens, including the Rose Garden and Mediterranean Terraces and numerous buildings such as the Gardener's Tower, the Swedish Tower, the Palm House, Butterfly House and the Flower Italian Cascade.

The shores of Lake Constance is a summer vacation destination for many residents of Germany and Switzerland. The climate here is mild, reminiscent of Mediterranean. You can use two beaches, Dingelsdorf Beach and Litzelstetten Beach, where there are bathing beaches. A big attraction is the Sea Life Konstanz aquarium, while the Erlebniswald rope park awaits those seeking adrenaline. The modern Bodensee Baths provide rest and relaxation.

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